No time for traditional organizational management tools?

Frustrated by boards that lack direction?

Need a skilled facilitator to manage a sensitive meeting?

Looking for a keynote speaker to stimulate land preservation?company-975972_960_720

Cooperative Solutions LLC is designed to assist organizations and communities deal with issues and concerns regarding planning, membership and community development, research and evaluation, and meeting facilitation.  The goal of Cooperative Solutions LLC is to enhance the capacity of organizations and communities to manage change.  The role of a consultant in this business model is to work cooperatively with the client to develop solutions that will support independent implementation and evaluation.  In other words, to provide you with the tools to solve a problem or prevent a crisis. 

The primary services offered by Cooperative Solutions LLC are:

  • strategic planning
  • board training
  • focus groups
  • survey research
  • meeting facilitation
  • coaching

Educational programs and keynote presentations include:

  • land preservationpegsmsmall
  • leadership skills
  • public policy development

Cooperative Solutions LLC was founded in 2002 by Dr. Peggy Schear, Associate Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University and President of the company.  She has over 35 years of experience in community development and working with
government and non-profit organizations.  


For more information please contact: mailto:pegschear@yahoo.com